Coming Up With Great History Research Paper Topics For High School Students

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History is an interesting subject that involves plenty of interesting areas to research. If you’re asked to write a term paper in history, it’s very important to select a good term paper sample for your study. Many students have problems with this step. However, if you know what pattern to follow choosing a topic, this process becomes much easier.

How to Come Up with an Excellent Topic for a History Research Paper

  1. Start brainstorming.
  2. It’s advisable to pick a topic that will be interesting for you to study. Think about several areas that you’d like to learn more about. Once you come up with an idea, write it down on a sheet of paper.

  3. Seek advice.
  4. Now that you have a list of topics that you’d like to investigate, you should show it to your classmates. If you want to earn the highest score for your work, your term paper should be interesting not only to you but also to your audience. If there is a topic in your list that the majority of your classmates like the most, you should focus on it.

  5. Narrow down your topic.
  6. You aren’t likely to compose an outstanding paper if your topic is just “Ancient Egypt,” for example. You should concentrate on a particular event or historical character if you want to conduct a thorough and meaningful study.

  7. Check whether your topic is researchable.
  8. Not all areas in history can be easily investigated. There just might not be enough data to analyze if you want to answer one question or another. Before you confirm your topic, go to your school library or conduct a little investigation on the Internet to make sure that there will be information that you can base your study upon.

A List of Interesting History Topics

If it’s difficult for you to start generating ideas, you may gain some inspiration by examining a list of topics below:

  1. The role of Margaret Thatcher in British history.
  2. The Arab Spring and its main preconditions.
  3. The relationships of Grigori Rasputin with the Romanovs.
  4. The history of AIDS and its global spreading.
  5. The influence of Puritanism on the modern American culture.
  6. The discovery of Australia by James Cook.
  7. The Vietnam War and the role of the USA in it.
  8. The Muslim conquest of India.
  9. The causes of the Civil War in the United States.
  10. The secret of the success of communism in China.

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